Phonathon Par Club Monthly Donation

Support the Evans Scholars Foundation and help send caddies to college by making an annual Par Club gift or contribute on a monthly, recurring basis. By making a recurring gift to the Par Club, you can save checks and postage by setting up an automatic monthly gift from your checking account via electronic fund transfer (ACH) or through your credit card.

To enroll in the monthly gift program, complete the online form below. 

Payments will be deducted on the 15th day of each month and will continue every month until you request payments to stop. Your first payment will begin on the 15th of this month (or next month if the 15th has already passed). Your Par Club membership will automatically renew after twelve (12) monthly payments. Thank you for your continued support!

All Par Club gifts of $2,500 or greater will be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis through the 2018 Match Play Challenge campaign.

Whether you are a long-time Evans Scholars supporter or are giving for the first time, we thank you for your commitment to changing the course of a lifetime.

If you have previously enrolled and would like to make a change, please contact us at 847-724-4600 or

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Donation Levels 
    Platinum | $834 Per Month 
    Gold | $417 Per Month 
    Silver | $209 Per Month 
    Hole-in-One | $84 Per Month 
    Eagle | $63 Per Month 
    Birdie | $42 Per Month 
    Par Club | $21 Per Month 
 Gift Amount* Payment Frequency
NOTE: Each payment, including the first payment, will be made on day 15 of the month based on the payment frequency you have indicated.

Par Club Membership Levels

Par - $21

$250 Annually

Birdie - $42

$500 Annually

Eagle - $63

$750 Annually

Hole-in-One - $84

$1,000 Annually

Silver - $209

$2,500 Annually

Gold - $417

$5,000 Annually

Platinum - $834

$10,000 Annually