We think of caddying as more than a summer job - it's an investment in the future


"The caddie is the lifeblood of the game of golf - a great companion, a friendly conversationalist and
a smiling face. This is what the game of golf is truly all about."

- Charles “Chick” Evans Jr.

We're proud of the history of golf as a walking game. We embrace the core values that underscore a caddie's presence on the course: hard work, cooperation, persistence and respect. It's part of our golf heritage. That's why we assist in finding potential caddies, help clubs in starting new caddie programs and improving existing ones. Above all, we promote the Evans Scholars Program.

It's on the links where we help recruit the most promising applicants. To be eligible for a scholarship, a candidate must have a strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and outstanding character. See all requirements. 


The caddie is a vital part of the game of golf. Caddies have a strong impact on golfers, clubs and communities.