Jayne Andrews



 As an Involvement Ambassador at the University of Missouri, Evans Scholar Jayne Andrews counsels her fellow students on how to get involved on campus. 

Few at Mizzou are better suited to give such advice.

Jayne serves as executive director of promotions at MUTV and on her Scholarship House’s Executive Board, is a member of the Mizzou Leadership Academy and Griffiths Leadership Society for Women. She also will travel with a campus group to Telluride, Colorado, this spring to assist with an adaptive skiing program for children with disabilities.

“My involvement on campus has helped me receive more than just an education at Mizzou,” said Jayne, a junior majoring in strategic communications. “I’m having a truly memorable experience at my dream school.”

At MUTV – the university’s student-run television station – Jayne oversees a team of more than 25 students who help promote the station’s programming.

When she initially took the job, the department consisted of just five students and was in disarray. It is now thriving.

“I immediately knew we needed a little revamping,” Jayne said. “With the help of MUTV’s faculty advisor and general manager, we came up with a new system for recruiting students and a new format for the department.  Our group is now doing really great things to promote the station.”

Though she says a career in advertising may be in her future, Jayne is uncertain about what she wants to do professionally. For now, she’s just doing her best to savor her time as an Evans Scholar.

“Being an Evans Scholar means everything to me,” said Jayne, whose older sister also is a Missouri Evans Scholar. “I’ve been able to live with the most amazing group of people, who come from a similar background and are motivated to succeed. The Evans Scholarship has given me so much pride in my peers, my future and myself." 

Did you know?


Though Jayne may be able to help a golfer read a green after years as a caddie at Forest Hills Country Club in Chesterfield, Missouri, there is little chance of her putting the ball in the hole herself.

“I love the game but, as a caddie, I’ve become accustomed to good golf,” she said. “I’m too embarrassed of my many attempts to play, so I’ve given up on golf. I whiff. A lot.”


In the fall, Jayne and a group of her fellow Scholars completed a Tough Mudder, an increasingly popular endurance race that features military-style obstacles and hinges largely on the ability of participants to work together.

“It was awesome to see how group living and the camaraderie we formed in the Scholarship House translated to an 11-mile obstacle course through the mud,” she said.


Last year, Jayne wrote a lengthy and heartfelt piece on the chapter’s website about her experience as an Evans Scholar that was shared on several social media sites by Alumni from across the country.

“I live with 40 of my best friends,” she wrote. “I have 40 people who would go out of their way to help me, support me and look out for me.  I live with 40 people who are in the top of their classes and are involved all over campus. The Evans Scholar Creed ends with, "Personal growth is our goal; group living is our means." This statement could not truer. Surrounding myself with the best kind of people has helped me grow immensely as a person.”

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