Endowed Named Scholarships

The Roland F. McGuigan Endowment Fund was established in 1989 to provide protection against unforeseen fiscal challenges which could threaten the financial viability of the Evans Scholarship Program.

The fund is named in honor of Roland F. "Mac" McGuigan, the Foundation's first educational director, whose visionary guidance and tireless spirit fueled the program's growth during his 41 years with the Foundation.

"With tuition increases on the rise and uncertain economic conditions ahead, it is vital that the Endowment Fund remains healthy and prepared to protect future funding of the Evans Scholarships," said WGA President and CEO John Kaczkowski.

To make a gift to the Endowment Fund, contact Jerry Dudek at 847-724-4600 ext. 3730 or dudek@wgaesf.org.

More information on establishing an Endowed Named Scholarship.