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"I wanted to make an impact. I wanted to be involved in technology and cultural change. I wanted to be a part of something that was really important."

Featured Alum spotlight:
 As head of telecommunications giant Iridium, Matt Desch (OSU '80) is helping change the way people communicate.

"Upon receiving the Evans Scholarship, you enter into one of the greatest networks of people. It's so much more than the college degree it ultimately provides," says Pat Atwood (NU '14).

Featured Alum spotlight:
 Scholars tap in to the Evans Scholars Network and are linked to business opportunities at William Blair.

"The country club was my first exposure to teaching me about the power that scale offers, or what's possible in life."

Alum spotlight:
 John Gregg (Mich. '78) is committed to philanthropic endeavors, tapping into a vast network of friends and colleagues to help change lives across the globe.

Many kids dream of exploring space when they grow up. Now, as an adult, Charles Naudet (Kans. '79) lives that dream every day.

Alum spotlight:
Charles Naudet, a University of Kansas Evans Scholar Alum, oversaw a team that tracked Curiosity's location in space to ensure a successful landing.

"I can’t find the words for how the scholarship sets you up professionally and helps you for the rest of your life."

Alum spotlight:
Brandon Gray, a Michigan State University Evans Alum, found his new job by networking with other Evans Alumni.

"As I look back, I have been incredibly blessed throughout my whole life."

Alum spotlight: Father Joseph Binzer, a Miami University Evans Scholar Alum, is the new Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

"It's no fun to wake up and see yourself on SportsCenter. It's not like they're going to show a clip of you making a good call."

Alum spotlight: Minnesota Alum Pat Fraher is a professional basketball referee for the NBA.

"When people need help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call us."

Alum spotlight: Only six other people in the world do what Michigan State Evans Alum Jeff Kiser does - he's a federal agent with a special kind of partner.

"It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Alum spotlight: Wisconsin Alum Steve Olsen competes in an extreme job interview to win a position at TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company.

"Receiving the Evans Scholarship was a life-changing moment. It gave me hope that anything is possible."

Alum spotlight: Colorado Alum Suzanne Diaz takes a pass on the office life for a creative gig doing celebrity makeup.

"Money was not the driver. It was a bigger calling.” 

Alum spotlight: Ryan Mack, (Mich. '99), left a job on Wall Street to teach financial literacy to everyone - including public housing residents, South African youth and ex-prisoners.

"Being a reporter gives you access to the places the average person might not have access to."

Alum spotlight: Michigan Alum Larry Yellen is a legal analyst, award-winning investigative reporter and weekend news anchor for Fox News in Chicago.

"(When I began caddying) I started paying attention to people. I learned how to read them. Those lessons follow me to this day ."

Alum spotlight: Dwight Fitch, (Mich. '97), works to better the lives of his cancer patients using the people skills he learned on the golf course.

"Leadership means recognizing that our actions affect each other. The more times we take the opportunity to help a friend through tough times or offer a word of encouragement, the better our community will be."

Alum spotlight: Joe Shields (NU '08) volunteered in India before going to work in Washington, D.C. at one of the world's leading consulting firms.