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"There are times I thought, 'no way I'm going to get the Evans Scholarship.' But it is possible, it is dreamable."

Featured Scholar spotlight: Evans Scholar Jacob Mosley (MSU '16) has persevered through major personal struggles to achieve a goal he has worked toward since he was 13: earning the Evans Scholarship.

Devlin Gray's life motto can be found in his email signature: "I don't view the glass as half-empty or half-full, but live with it overflowing."

Scholar spotlight:
Evans Scholar Devlin Gray (Marq. '13) beat leukemia as a child and is now using his experience to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

"It’s a big honor. It’s not just money to go to college. It’s giving me a chance to shoot for the stars."

Scholar spotlight:
2012 New Scholar Shamir Villeda's story starts in a small town in Guatemala. He traveled to America at 14 with his brother. Now he embarks on the adventure of an Evans Scholarship.

"The Evans Scholarship was such a gift. I feel like people made an investment in me and I need to do something with that. This is my way of honoring that investment."

Scholar spotlight:
 Nate Cira graduated from the University of Wisconsin in May 2011 with five - yes, FIVE - majors.

"I want to build businesses and run them. I’m extremely fortunate to have earned the scholarship and to be in the best possible position to do that when I graduate.” 

Scholar spotlight: Luke Liu, (NU '12), is the first undergraduate to win the university's Kellogg Cup with his business idea - TicketSnagger.

"College is a possibility. No one in my family has accomplished this. I want to be somewhere in life, and I know this scholarship can help me get there.” 

Scholar spotlight: Alfonso Gillette is a new Evans Scholar in 2011 at the Ohio State University

"I really feel like the Evans Scholars are a family."

Scholar spotlight: Estefania Vigil, (Colo. '13), let caddying in Colorado take her out of her comfort zone and teach her a lesson in confidence.