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On the surface, the Evans Scholars Foundation is an organization that gives scholarships to caddies.

But look a little deeper, and you will find stories - the Evans Scholar who faced financial obstacles all his life, struggling to help support his family through homelessness; an Evans Alum whose ambitious lifework with satellite communications has connected U.S. military personnel and helped save lives during natural disasters; the Evans Alum and WGA Director who became a billionaire and began his own caddie academy.

In the Spotlight Archives, you will find not only these stories, but many, many more. Here, you can learn more about the Scholars - caddies who stood up to tough challenges and conquered them to make it to college; Alumni - caddies-turned-college graduates who use the education they received through the Evans Scholarship to do incredible things and better the lives of others; and WGA Directors - people who dedicate themselves to making sure hard-working young caddies get the education - and the future - they deserve.

Evans Scholars
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"There are times I thought, 'no way I'm going to get the Evans Scholarship.' But it is possible, it is dreamable."

Featured Scholar spotlight: Jacob Mosley (MSU '16) persevered through major personal struggles to achieve a goal he has worked toward since he was 13: earning the Evans Scholarship.


Evans Alumni
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"I wanted to make an impact. I wanted to be involved in technology and cultural change. I wanted to be a part of something that was really important."

Featured Alum spotlight: As head of telecommunications giant Iridium, Matt Desch (OSU '80) is helping change the way people communicate.

WGA Directors
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"It was a privilege to receive the Evans Scholarship and I want to help others have the same experience."

Featured Director & Alum spotlight:
George Solich (Colo. '83), President and CEO of Four Points Energy LLC, established the Solich Caddie and Leadership Academy in 2012.