Co-Scholar of the Year speech - Eli Thompson

'I would like to thank this Scholarship from the bottom of my heart.'

2016 Co-Scholar of the Year Eli Thompson spoke at the June 26 Summer Outing.

"I was asked to prepare a speech about what this Scholarship has meant to me, and to my family. I could tell you all a story about how I needed this Scholarship to go to school (which I did), or about how my mom cried when she opened the acceptance letter (which she did). But none of that would even begin to express how grateful I am to have received this Scholarship.

I couldn't possibly speculate on the financial and professional impact that this Scholarship will have on my future: from saving money for my first home instead of paying down student loans, to the personal and professional support of the network of Alumni all over the country.

While it may be possible to quantify the amount of money paid by this Scholarship for tuition and room and board, the memories I have are what actually define me as a person. And with that I would like to thank this Scholarship from the bottom of my heart. In particular, I would like to thank the Miami chapter for all of the memories I have made over the last few years. I would like to thank Mr. Binzer and Mr. Desch for their constant support of me and everyone in the chapter. And I would like to thank Mr. Shell for all of his efforts in getting me out here to speak to you all tonight. Lastly, thank you all for this amazing award, and thank you all for listening."