Match Play Challenge

"Fairway to the Future: The Drive to 1,000 Scholars"

With the cost of a college education rising at four times the rate of inflation, saving and paying for college is becoming increasingly difficult for caddies and their families.

Many have turned to the Evans Scholars Foundation for help. Through the Match Play Challenge, the Foundation is committed to ensuring all qualified caddies realize their dream of a college education.

Now in its fifth year, the Match Play Challenge is the major gifts component of the organization’s annual Par Club fundraising campaign. Again in 2015, the Match Play Challenge’s goal is match all Par Club gifts of $2,500 or greater. The Evans Scholars Foundation is seeking 60 families to each pledge $50,000 or more to fund a matching pool of $3 million. More than 30 families have already contributed more than $2 million toward the 2015 matching pool.

The Match Play Challenge’s continued success in 2015 will be crucial in helping the Evans Scholars Foundation realize growth plans that include sending 1,000 caddies to college each year by 2020 and expanding the program from coast to coast.

The 2014 Match Play Challenge raised $8.1 million, critical funding for the Program as direct scholarship costs for the 870 Evans Scholars enrolled in college totaled $15 million. In 2015, these costs will be even higher.

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2015* 2011-2014
Anonymous (3)
Mary Ann & Looe Baker III
Best Portion Foundation, Tim Schwertfeger & Gail Waller
Ed & Peggy Bonach
Peter & Terry Brown
Fritz & Glenda Corrigan
Estate of Chermaine Davis
Jeff & Julie Diermeier
Gene and Sallyann Fama
Joe Ferraro
Rob & Georganne Foss
Tom & Karen Falk
Dan D. Harmon
Jack & Karen Holland
Martin P. & Julia Hughes
Mike & Lindy Keiser
Electri-Flex Company & Jason Kinander
King Family Foundation
Jim Garard
Mary Garard
Tom & Taylor Gleitsman
Mark & Mary Ann Kaufman
Robert M. & Diane v. S. Levy
Thomas Mallman
John & Jean Matovina
Gary J. & Carol E. Matula
Tom & Carla McAuley
Patrick & Meredith McCormack
John & Judy Mendesh
Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Foundation
John & Nancy Moore
Tom & Susan Moran
George & Vicki Muellner
The Carol Niehaus Trust
Joan Norgaard Foundation
Rita & Leroy "Pete" Peterson
Mary & Scott Petrovich
Frank & Betsy Polizzi
Prentice Family Foundation
Tom & Tricia Prentice
Stent Family Foundation
Joe & Margie Stigler
Estate of Ms. Dorothy Stone
Jason and Jen Stroiman
Jeremy & Lindsey Kast Stroiman
Reed & Rosemary Tupper
Estate of Albert H. Wohlers
The Wohlers Family Foundation
Lou Woodworth & Heidi Charleson


*As of 07/23/2015

Sam & Marsha Allen
Looe & Mary Ann Baker
Edward Bernardi
Bob Fates & Carol Bernick
Michael Browning
Bob & Loretta Cooney
Fritz & Glenda Corrigan
M/M Steven J. Colnitis
Fritz & Glenda Corrigan
Matthew J. & Ann M. Desch
Bill & Kathy Doyle
Evans Scholar Foundation Trustees
Carol Lavin Bernick & Bob Fates
Tom & Karen Falk
Family of Kevin & Susan Flynn
Rob & Georganne Foss
Jim & Karen Frank 
Jim & Mary Garard
Tom & Taylor Gleitsman
Mary & Bruce Goodman
Paul & Margot Grangaard
David & Shirley Hanson
Jack & Karen Holland
M/M Edward R. James
Mark & Mary Ann Kaufman
Tom & Sue Kearney
Mike & Lindy Keiser
Electri-Flex Co./Jason Kinander
King Family Foundation
The Lazzara Family Foundation
Jack & Jama Lintol
Tom Mallman
Scott Malpass
Alan & Vrissiis Matula
Gary & Carol Matula
Tom & Carla McAuley
Patrick & Meredith McCormack
John & Judy Mendesh
John Merriman & Barbara Beatty
John & Nancy Moore
Tom & Susan Moran
Robert & Diane Moriarty
Frank & Susan Morley
George & Vicki Muellner
Jim & Letitia Murphy
Frank & Janet Nessinger
Joan Norgaard Foundation
M/M Dan Pawlowski
David L. Pemberton
Jim & Molly Perry
Mary & Scott Petrovich
Frank & Betsy Polizzi
John & Merry Ann Pratt
Estate of Arthur C. & Barbara Prine
Jim & Heide Reilly
The Rich Family – Jerry, Betty & Keith
Jim Roppel
Cecil Ross
Vernon Sachs Estate
Roger W. Sandstrom
Dan & Kathleen Schewe
Tim Schwertfeger & Gail Waller – Best Portion Foundation
Jim & Cindy Scoggin
Cal & Sandra Simmons
Kathleen & Jim Skinner
Solich Family in Memory of Jim Moore
Geoff “Duffy” & Anita Solich
George & Carol Solich – The Solich Fund
W. Fritz & Tracy Souder
John Spencer Estate
Avy & Marcie Stein
Joe & Margie Stigler
Jason & Jen Stroiman
Jeremy Stroiman & Lindsey Kast Stroiman
Bob & Lynn Topel
Reed & Rosemary Tupper
John Ver Bockel & Kathleen Carbonara
Darrell & Gail Voitik
Gavin “Guy” & Arlene Weir
Douglas & Virginia West
Mark & Amy Wilson
Lou Woodworth & Heidi Charleson

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