Evans Scholarship Application

Welcome to the Application for the Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies!

The 2016 Application for the Chick Evans Scholarship for caddies will be available Aug. 1. The majority of the application will be completed online. Applicants will create a username and password so they can save their application and return to it later. All completed applications that have been signed and submitted will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, with priority given to those who submit the application on or before September 30.

With the help of a parent or guardian, take time to review and study all the information found on these pages. There are several parts to the application and all must be complete before the Scholarship Committee will begin its review.

Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies, all applicants must meet the following requirements: strong caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial need and outstanding character.

  1. Strong caddie record: Applicants must have caddied, successfully and regularly, for a minimum of two years and are expected to caddie at their sponsoring club the year they apply for the scholarship.
  2. Excellent academics: Applicants must have completed their junior year of high school with above a B average in college preparatory courses and are required to take the ACT.
  3. Demonstrated financial need: Applicants must clearly have a need for financial assistance.
  4. Outstanding character: Applicants must be outstanding in character, integrity and leadership.

Applicants are evaluated and compete on the above criteria for the limited number of Chick Evans Scholarships for Caddies awarded annually. The Scholarship Committee will interview finalists and the final selection rests with the Committee.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the Evans Scholarship

Applications are available online beginning August 1, and are accepted at the beginning of the applicant's senior year of high school. (Applications will also be accepted from 2015 high school graduates). Evans Scholarship applications will receive full consideration when the directions below are followed accurately and completely. Once submitted, all application information and supporting materials will become the exclusive property of the Evans Scholars Foundation and cannot be returned.

1. Go to www.wgaesf.org and hover over the "Scholarships" tab. A menu will appear. Click "Evans Scholarship Application," then click "Scholarship Applications Available Now."

2. Fill out the online portion of the application. You can complete the following steps in any order, and you can always save your information and return to it later. Priority will be given to those applications that are submitted on or before September 30, with supporting documents received by October 30.

Personal Information – Name, contact information, etc.

High School InformationDownload the High School Evaluation Form. Complete the top portion (in the box). The rest should be completed by your college counselor or person designated by the principal. Ask your counselor to send in the completed Evaluation with your official transcript and a letter of recommendation.

Caddie InformationDownload the Caddie Evaluation Form. Complete the top portion (in the box). The rest should be completed by your club's caddie manager. Ask the caddie manager to send in the completed Evaluation with a letter of recommendation.

Academic & Extracurricular Information – Activities, volunteering, hobbies, etc.

Family Information – List parents and siblings.

Family Financial Information – Have a parent or guardian write a statement summarizing your family’s financial condition. Include any extraordinary expenses or factors that should be taken into account in determining the family's financial need (i.e. employment conditions, medical expenses and/or support of other dependents). Submit copies of front pages of parent(s) 2013 and 2014 Federal tax returns (include Form 1040, do not include schedules and W-2 forms) along with parent(s) most recent pay stub(s).

Applicant Photo – Upload most recent school photo or similar headshot.

Applicant Essay – Please prepare, in your own words, a typed essay (two pages, double-spaced) that will enable the Scholarship Committee to become better acquainted with you. Your essay should include personal background, future goals, what you expect from a college education and your qualifi cations for a Chick Evans Scholarship for caddies. Please include personal experiences and specific examples in your essay.

Additional Application Requirements

○CSS Financial Profile – after finishing the online portion of the application, you will be acknowledged by the Scholarship Committee via email and forwarded a link to the CSS Financial Profile. The completed Profile must be submitted online to CSS along with the required fee as soon as possible, after it becomes available on October 1. The 2015 family income should be estimated. The Evans Scholars Foundation CSS code is 0153.

○ACT – All applicants are required to take the ACT test. The Evans Scholars Foundation ACT code is 1026.


Any questions can be directed to applications@wgaesf.org.  



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