2011 National Committee Speech


Ernst, middle, with the newly

named Mac McGuigan Trophy.


'An honor to be here again'

-Outgoing Ohio State President Mike Ernst gave this speech at the 2011 Winter Outing Luncheon, held Feb. 5 at the Glen View Club in Golf, Illinois.

It is an honor to be in front of you once again, representing the 14 Scholarship houses as the National Committee President. It has been a great privilege to hold this position this past year. I sought this spot to try to improve and contribute to the Scholarship that had already given me so much.

Having almost completed my term, I have realized that the more you involve yourself in this program, the more you will get back. Along with the three members of the National Committee Executive Board, I have had so many great experiences this year. We attended the BMW Championship and got an inside look at what it takes to run an event that is so integral to realizing our goals.

As is the purpose of the National Committee, we shared our ideas as representatives of the active scholars. Best of all, we met so many of the people who make this scholarship run. Scholars, those of you here today have shown your commitment to being leaders, to your Scholarship House, and to the Evans Scholars Program. I encourage you not to stop there. I have seen firsthand how this program can benefit you after your college career has ended – through job networking, for example. As an Alum, I hope you will continue to stay involved, through donating to the Annual Fund, attending one-day fundraising events or volunteering at the BMW Championship. The Evans Scholars Program truly is a lifelong program. I know I will be back at this luncheon someday after I graduate – and I hope to see many of you, too!

Today, we concentrate on our current accomplishments. Each year we honor New Scholars’ academic achievement. The competition, established by the National Committee, honors each Chapter whose New Scholar class achieved above a 3.0 cumulative GPA for the fall semester. Each Chapter to reach this goal will be honored with a plaque that is displayed in their Scholarship House. This year, we are introducing the newly named Roland F. “Mac” McGuigan Academic Trophy awarded to the New Scholar class with the highest GPA.

Mac McGuigan was the Evans Scholars’ educational director for 40 years. Starting in the late 1940s, he helped to bring the scholarship program to new heights, influencing the lives of hundreds of young Scholar. Under his leadership, the program grew from five universities to 21, with chapter houses at 14. He founded the Evans Scholars Alumni Association and created the Alumni Newsletter to make sure Scholars stayed connected. He passed away in 1989, but his legacy will always be remembered through the Alumni Newsletter that is now called “The Mac Report” and published twice a year.

As N.C. president, I am pleased to announce this year’s winners of the Roland F. “Mac” McGuigan Academic Trophy - the Northwestern Evans Scholars, with an outstanding 3.42 GPA for the fall 2010 semester. This is the third year in a row winning this award. I'd also like to congratulate the 13 other New Scholar classes, who received above a 3.0 GPA for the fall 2010 term.