2011 Chairman's Remarks


Chairman Roger Mohr shakes

hands with the Chapter leaders.


'We're proud of our Evans Scholars'

*Chairman Roger Mohr spoke at the Feb. 5 Winter Luncheon.

Almost 62 years ago, in the summer of 1949, I was awarded an Evans Scholarship to attend Marquette University. Since that time, I’ve always stayed close to the program --- first through involvement with the Alumni Association – then as a director starting in 1980 – and finally when I was named Chairman of the WGA-ESF last year.

I cite this background not to impress you with my career, but to use it as one example of the opportunities that will confront you as you contemplate graduation. Like so many Evans Scholars before you, you’ll move on to successful careers in business and your chosen professions. You’ll all be very busy with new jobs and perhaps new families, but in doing so, never forget the organization that made this possible – the Evans Scholars Foundation.

We’re fortunate to have so many loyal alumni who are playing an increasingly important role in helping to keep Chick’s dream alive. There are currently 125 alumni directors of the program today and 15 who serve on the Board of Governors.

To dramatize the role of the Alumni it’s impressive to note that they’ve contributed over $50 million dollars back to the program since it began. Last year the Alumni fund drive was up 13% which is a very gratifying number in what is still an uncertain and challenging economy. It’s also important given the continuing increase in tuition costs. In 2005, our tuition costs for the scholars in school were $6.9 million dollars. This past year they were $10.5 million dollars for the same number of scholars – a 52% increase. Of course, that escalation presents quite a challenge for the staff and the WGA-ESF directors.

I’d like to thank all of the directors who are present here today. Your volunteer efforts are a major reason why we’ve been able to sustain this greatest of all scholarship programs. Of course, I’d also like to congratulate all of the scholars who are present. Your academic and extra curricular achievements continue to impress all of us and, I might add, they also impress the administrations of the schools you attend. As I said at this meeting last year – keep up the good work, we’re proud of what you are doing.