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Caddie Services

The Western Golf Association offers a variety of services to support caddie programs at the club level. The WGA offers information packets on caddie services and helps conduct events such as caddie seminars, caddie championships and caddie golf challenges.

The WGA has various materials available to clubs, including:

Caddie training manual

This 30-page comprehensive guide for beginner caddies is ideal for young men and women who want to learn the basics of caddying. In this manual you will learn the rules and procedures of caddying, find out how to build a productive relationship with your caddie superintendent and get some great tips on how to be the best caddie you can be.

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Caddie training video 

A 40-minute instructional guide for beginner caddies that also can be used as a refresher for more experienced caddies is available on DVD.

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Caddie exam

A 27-question exam containing multiple choice, true/false and matching sections. Many clubs use this exam at the end of caddie training.

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Caddie Poster

A poster to display in the caddie area promoting the Evans Scholarship.

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Need a Summer Job

A poster promoting caddying for high school students.

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Please take advantage of these resources by ordering online. For more information on WGA Caddie Services, contact us.

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The caddie is a vital part of the game of golf. Caddies have a strong impact on golfers, clubs and communities.