Director Responsibilities

WGA Director Responsibilities

 This following list outlines the responsibilities of a WGA Director. It is our hope that our Directors will be able to provide leadership in all of these areas, understanding that some may only be able to focus on one or two. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive, as many Directors provide support in unique ways. Directors serve 3-year terms which are renewable after review.

I.       Support the Evans Scholars Foundation (ESF):

A.      Lead by example.

·        Directors are required to make a minimum annual gift to the Par Club at the “Hole-in-One” Level ($1,000). More than 50% of our Directors give at the Match Play Challenge level of $2,500 or greater.

·        Any financial support to a capital campaign, endowment program or ESF event should be incremental to your first gift, which should be to the Par Club.

B.      Manage the basic Par Club campaign within your club and/or Alumni networks.

·        Work with ESF Director, Development, Matt Starr, to develop and distribute marketing materials and Par Club appeals to the membership.

·        Work with the club’s Board of Directors to establish an automated Par Club billing program.

C.      Identify Best New Prospects who may be candidates to make major gifts through the Match Play Challenge.

D.      Promote capital and endowment campaigns, as well as ESF signature events such as the Green Coat Gala and Evans Golf Retreat.

E.      Work closely with the ESF development team to leverage your personal and professional networks to help raise funds.

II.      Volunteer at the WGA’s golf championships:

A.      Volunteers are key to the success of the WGA’s world-class golf tournaments — the BMW Championship, the Western Amateur and the Western Junior.

B.      There are several important positions for volunteers at WGA tournaments:

·        Starter – Starters are responsible for keeping the tournament running in a timely fashion, distributing scorecards and announcing players.

·        Walking Observer – Walking observers walk the course with an assigned group, keeping the status of the match and notifying the rules official when necessary.

·        Rules Official – The rules official is charged with exercising authority for the purpose of ensuring the event is fairly played under the Rules of Golf.

·        Course Observer – A course observer is assigned to various locations on the golf course for the purpose of assisting the rules committee.

·        Official Scorers – Official scorers are responsible for making sure all official scorecards are properly scored and returned to the scoring area.

·        Greeters – Greeters are responsible for welcoming the professional and amateur contestants during pro-am events and practice rounds day.

·        Information Center – Directors working in the Information Center will assist spectators and answer questions about the tournament, the WGA and the ESF. 

C.      In addition to volunteer opportunities at the tournaments, WGA Directors can consider corporate hospitality and pro-am packages for their companies or introduce the tournament staff to other prospective buyers.

 III.    Promote caddie programs and the Evans Scholars at your club:

A.      Support the caddie program.

·        Maintain a working relationship with the club’s general manager, golf professionals and caddie manager.

o Request written reports from the caddie manager

o Monitor and assist with the caddie training program

o Connect the club staff with WGA Caddie Development Manager, Tim Orbon

·        Maintain a working relationship with the caddie committee. If your club does not have a caddie committee, consider starting one.

B.      Assist if the club is hiring a new or replacement caddie manager.

·        Help prepare a caddie manager job description and assist in the search as needed. The WGA can provide samples.

C.      Help recruit caddies.

·        Meet with school superintendents, counselors, coaches, etc. Special efforts should be made to recruit potential future Evans Scholarship applicants.

D.      Promote the caddie banquet among members.

E.      Engage your club’s Board of Directors.

·        Invite new board members to Evans Scholars Selection Meetings and ESF events.

·        Make periodic presentations to the board to update them on ESF activities and thank them for their support.

F.       Promote the Scholarship to the caddies and mentor applicants.

·        Meet with caddies and their parents each year to explain the Scholarship. Once parents understand the opportunity, they will help ensure their children show up regularly and work hard.

·        Assign Directors or club members to each candidate as they go through the application process.

G.      Actively involve club members who are Evans Scholars Alumni.

H.      Prepare articles for the club newsletter and website.

I.        Maintain a bulletin board of Evans Scholars Alumni and active Scholars in the pro shop or clubhouse.

J.      Promote the Evans Scholarship at existing club events.

K.      Consider ways to thank the membership for their support.

·        Circulate letters from current Evans Scholars that highlight their accomplishments.

·        Organize an event to promote the Scholarship and thank members for their support. 

L.       Organize or participate in Evans Scholars Alumni events.

 IV. Other Opportunities for Involvement:

A.      Participate in special Evans Scholars events at a Scholarship House or on campus.

B.      Maintain contact with WGA staff to make sure you are up-to-date with ESF initiatives.

C.      Participate in State and/or National Committees.

D.      Attend the Annual Meeting and/or the Summer Outing, which are great opportunities to interact with fellow WGA Directors, current Evans Scholars and WGA ESF staff.