Spreading the Word

Placing Articles in Your Club Newsletter

A proven, effective way of building support for the Evans Scholars Program at your club is to place articles on your caddie program and the Evans Scholarships in your club newsletters. Many directors write an annual letter explaining the program and its benefits and submit that letter to the club management for publication in the newsletter.

Specific events or items that merit a newsletter article include:

  • The awarding of a new scholarship to a caddie from your club
  • The graduation of an Evans Scholar from your club
  • Letters received from current Scholars or Alumni thanking the club for its support of the Evans Scholars
  • Announcement of a special Par Club/Evans Scholars event, such as a Par Club Recognition outing, a Member-Alumni reunion, or an Evans Scholars fundraising event.

WGA/ESF staff members are available to assist with details or to provide needed information on Evans Scholars and Alumni. However, media outreach can be greatly enhanced through the proactive support of Directors in newsletter placements.

Par Club/Evans Scholars Displays

Another proven, effective way of building support for the Evans Scholars Program at your club is to create and maintain a display recognizing Par Club membership and/or caddies who have received Evans Scholarships. Directors at many clubs have shown their creativity and dedication to the program by designing unique displays, from the simple to the very elaborate.

Displays have ranged from an honor roll board displaying bag tags of all Par Club members at the club, to large plaques that display the names and photographs of the club’s Evans Scholars. At some clubs, bag tags are simply displayed on each Par Club member’s locker. Displays often are positioned in areas of high visibility, such as hallways leading to the club’s locker room, in the locker room or a grill room.

Special Par Club/Evans Scholars Events

Directors have planned and hosted a variety of special events to promote the Par Club and Evans Scholars Program. Each club’s approach may vary, but the goal of all such events is to raise awareness of the Par Club and the Evans Scholars Program by engaging members and guests in a golf outing and/or dinner program that highlights the club’s Par Club support for the Evans Scholars. The support of the club’s Board is essential, of course, as for most events the club must set aside the course and club facilities for the event.

Examples of events include:

  • A Par Club appreciation day, where Par Club members at the club are invited to play in an outing, often with the club’s Evans Scholars caddies and/or returning Alumni assisting as hosts for the day
  • A special Par Club/Evans Scholars fundraising event, where Par Club members, other club members and special guests pay a fee to participate (above and beyond their annual Par Club contribution), with all proceeds going to the Evans Scholars Program
  • An Evans Scholars Reunion outing, where the club’s Evans Scholars Alumni return and either caddie for, or play golf with members
  • Regional Par Club fundraising events, where several clubs or clubs from an entire region host an outing/dinner focused on raising additional funds for the Evans Scholars, above and beyond the annual Par Club contributions.

More examples of Par Club/Evans Scholars events can be found in the annual Par Club report and the WGA Evans Scholars Magazine.