About E-board

Executive Board Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Board should meet weekly to discuss and evaluate pertinent issues. The Executive Board of an Evans Scholars Chapter is charged with the responsibility of enforcing all university, WGA and National Committee rules and regulations. In the event of individual or group violations of these regulations, the Chapter Executive Board shall take action (unless the WGA Scholarship Committee has decided to take action itself). The action of the Chapter Executive Board may not be overruled by a vote of the Chapter membership.

  2. The Executive Board is charged with the responsibility for planning the organizational progress of the Chapter, and for building and promoting the Chapter’s strength, unity and good reputation.

  3. The Executive Board may recommend to the Scholarship Committee the cancellation of the Evans Scholarship, in its entirety or the room portion only, of any member of the Chapter, active or New Scholar, whose actions and/or attitudes warrant such a recommendation.

  4. The Executive Board may recommend to the Scholarship Committee the imposing of a fine in excess of any fine which the Executive Board itself is empowered to levy by the Chapter’s constitution. If the recommended fine is approved by the Scholarship Committee, and if the individual does not, within five days, make arrangement for its payment, the tuition portion of the individual’s scholarship will be withheld for the following academic term.

  5. The Executive Board shall be responsible for enforcing the move-out procedures and room inspections upon completion of the school year.

Chapter Officer Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities of the officers detailed in the Chapter’s constitution, the following responsibilities have been placed on Chapter officers by the WGA:

  1. President. The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter. It shall be his/her responsibility to call and preside over all meetings of the Executive Board and the house; to represent the Chapter in the National Committee, to WGA, to the University, and to the community; to uphold the Chapter Constitution and the rules of WGA, the National Committee, and the University; to cooperate fully with the Faculty Advisor; to interact with the Graduate Resident Advisor in ensuring the best possible living environment for all Evans Scholars; to organize committees to assist in carrying out house policies and projects. He/she shall also be a non-voting member of all committees and at Chapter meetings, except in case of a tie, when the President shall then cast a vote. The President shall have final judgment on all rooming assignments.

  2. Vice President, New Scholars. The Vice President, New Scholars, shall create and execute the Chapter’s New Scholar Program, to be submitted to the Executive Board for approval and run in accordance with the policies of the University and WGA. This responsibility includes the organization of a New Scholar Open House and an Orientation Week. The VP, NS, must also advise the New Scholars throughout their first year and make periodic reports to the Chapter on their progress, and insure the New Scholars’ knowledge of and compliance with the rules and policies of the WGA.

  3. Executive Vice President. The Executive Vice President is responsible for coordinating the Chapter’s involvement in campus activities, Chapter social events, philanthropic events and more. The EVP also oversees the Chapter’s committees and coordinates relations with the committee chairs.

  4. Vice President, Administration. The Vice President, Administration, is responsible for maintaining house appearance and cleanliness by assigning and enforcing all house jobs and supervising periodic house cleanups. The VP, Administration, must also maintain an inventory of all house furniture, provide for fair distribution among house members and coordinate with maintenance vendors.

  5. Vice President, Finance. The VP, Finance, shall administer all funds established in the Chapter’s name. This duty shall include the assessment and collection of all house dues and fees, and the payment of all bills incurred by the Chapter. The VP, Finance, shall keep accurate records of all transactions and prepare periodic financial reports to WGA and to the Chapter. He or she also must prepare and enforce the Chapter’s annual budget, and he/she shall have authority to make purchases and expenditures when necessary.

  6. Vice President, Communication. The VP, Communication, oversees the chapter's website and social media efforts. The VP, Communication also coordinates all other house communications and maintains chapter meeting minutes.