Benefits of a Caddie Program

Caddying is as much a part of the game of golf as the ball or club. Andrew Dickson carried clubs for the Duke of York in a match play in 1682. Since then, many golfers, clubs, communities and young people have experienced the great benefits of a caddie program. 

Golfer benefits

  • Improves the quality of the golfer's game – letting a caddie handle the details of clubs, flagstick, divots and bunkers allows the golfer to focus and improve his or her game.
  • Increases health benefits – walking is an appetite suppressant, muscle relaxant, stress reliever, cardiovascular toner, weight reducer and more.
  • Increases personal satisfaction – by utilizing a caddie, you immediately put yourself in a position to strongly impact the life of a young person by taking on a mentoring role.
  • Amplifies the golfing experience – having a caddie will enlighten the golfing experience.

Club benefits

  • Speeds up pace of play – the fastest way to play is with a caddie where there is always someone to clean up after you on the tees, fairways, bunkers and greens.
  • Enhances the status and image of the club – by offering a caddie to the patrons of a club you immediately increase the prestige of that club.
  • Improves course conditions – there will be an increase in the overall maintenance of the course due to caddies fixing divots, ball marks and bunkers.
  • Increases professional assistance – caddies often take on other roles at the club including bag room and bag drop attendants, valet staff, etc.

Caddie benefits

  • Opportunity to earn good money during flexible hours – many young people today have numerous extracurricular activities. Caddying gives many young people a chance to continue those activities while making money.
  • Exposure to positive role models – young people will have the chance to learn from mature and successful individuals.
  • Opportunity to have a great work environment – caddies have the ability to work outside and to interact with their peers, giving them a means to make friends while working.
  • Ability to work and exercise – the same health benefits for golfers apply for young people. 
  • Opportunity to be awarded a Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship – currently, more than 800 caddies are attending one of 19 universities on a Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. The scholarship covers full tuition and housing costs for up to four years of college.

Community benefits

  • Young caddies develop outstanding work ethic and attitude – caddying is often the first job for many young people, and exposes them to a real life work experience.
  • A mentoring relationship is developed in a healthy environment.
  • A caddie program offers a chance for the club to give something back to the community.

In recognition of these benefits and the importance of caddie programs, the Western Golf Association encourages golfers to use caddies whenever they are available. The WGA also encourages the use of a forecaddie when golfers elect to ride.


The caddie is a vital part of the game of golf. Caddies have a strong impact on golfers, clubs and communities.