Maintaining a Caddie Program

Congratulations on successfully implementing your caddie program! Here are a few tips on maintaining it.

Incentives and awards

Many caddie programs award the hard work their top caddies have done by honoring them at an end of year banquet. The meal is donated by the members of the club. Often times the members also contribute money or gifts for the top caddies. The caddies can choose from a selection of prizes. Many caddie programs award the Caddie of the Year and “Rookie” Caddie of the Year.    

Certain clubs have a caddie/member golf tournament. The caddies are encouraged to play in the event and members are asked to participate in various ways. Some members will assist as starters or marshals. Certain clubs have their members caddie for the caddies. This provides a unique perspective for both golfers and caddies to spend a day on the “other side of the bag.” In addition to golf, other facilities of the club like the pool and tennis courts are available to the non-golfing caddies to enjoy.

Publicizing the Evans Scholarship

Shedding awareness on the Evans Scholarship helps bring all groups - caddies, club leaders, members and other supporting parties - together, as well as giving caddies a higher goal to strive for. A great way to publicize the Evans Scholars Foundation is to highlight your current Evans Scholars. Identify current Scholars with a special caddie bib, shirt or hat, complete with their names and the universities they attend. This will often generate questions from younger caddies or individuals who are unfamiliar with the program.

Many clubs have an Evans Scholars display to showcase their past and current Evans Scholars. Certain clubs will have an 8”x10” picture of the current Scholars to enhance their display. There are a variety of areas to place an Evans Scholars display. An ideal area is one with high traffice like the pro shop, clubhouse, locker rooms or bag drop.

Involvement with caddie manager

The caddie manager plays a crucial role in the success of a caddie program. It is important to outline the necessary activities for the caddie manager prior to the start of each caddie season. One way to establish the goals for a caddie manager is to assist in the preparation of the job description. An evaluation should take place before and after each caddie season to assess the goals and achievements of the caddie manager as well as the caddie program.


The caddie is a vital part of the game of golf. Caddies have a strong impact on golfers, clubs and communities.