New Scholar Program

Becoming a New Scholar 

Upon receiving an Evans Scholarship, new Evans Scholars have yet to achieve the full status of active membership. This status is earned once they have participated in the New Scholar Program and have completed the activation requirements. These New Scholars are not necessarily freshmen; occasionally students who have completed one or two years of college are awarded scholarships.

Goals of the New Scholar program

The main goal of the New Scholar Program is to help each new Evans Scholar achieve full potential in  both academics and personal growth. The program helps students integrate into university life. Upperclassmen lead the way in modeling how to adjust to the university’s academic environment and provide guidance in helping to develop interpersonal relationships and explore the school's social and extracurricular environments.

Another priority of the New Scholar Program is to understand what it means to be a member of the Evans Scholars community. Each New Scholar must learn and understand the historical background of the Western Golf Association and Evans Scholars Program.

Requirements of New Scholars

To be eligible for activation, a New Scholar must complete the Chapter's New Scholar program and be in good standing in academics and Chapter Evaluations. They also are expected to demonstrate willingness and ability to become valuable and contributing members of the Evans Scholars community. Each Chapter will develop its own New Scholar program at the beginning of the fall term and completed by the end of the fall term. If a New Scholar fails to meet the activation requirements by the end of the first year, the Evans Scholarship may not be renewed by WGA.

Privileges and responsibilities upon activation

When all requirements for activation have been successfully fulfilled, New Scholars will receive the status of active members. Some privileges and responsibilities include the right to vote on Chapter matters, and eligibility for elected office, Chapter and National awards, and national basketball and golf competitions.


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