Ten rules for being a good caddie

Ten rules for being a good caddie

1. Learn the game of golf and how each of the 14 golf clubs are used.

2. Know where your player's golf ball is at all times; mark its position.

3. Replace all divots.

4. Rake all bunkers.

5. Stay ahead or even with your player, but never behind.

6. Be extremely careful around the putting green. Never stand in any player's line of putt.

7. Learn the yardages of each hole, especially where the 150-yard markers are.

8. Handle the player's clubs and bag like it was your own. Never swing the player's clubs.

9. Never touch a golf ball while it is in play.

10. Always keep quiet, hustle and if you do not know what to do - ask.


The caddie is a vital part of the game of golf. Caddies have a strong impact on golfers, clubs and communities.