Application Process

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2015 Application

The 2015 application will be available August 1. The application information sheet and timeline can be found below and throughout this website.

 2015 Application Information

Application Timeline



Review the information on this website including the attached Application information before applying for the Chick Evans Scholarship for Caddies.

Application Begins

Beginning August 1, the application is available online. 


Fill out the Evans Scholarship application. Preference will be given to applications received on or before September 30. ESF acknowledges submitted applications and emails you the CSS Financial Aid Profile student guide. All supporting documents should be received in early October.



After registering online with CSS, you and your parents will complete the CSS Financial Aid Profile. The completed Profile must be submitted online to CSS along with the required fee as soon as possible after it becomes available on October 1.


November - March

The Scholarship Committee evaluates all applications. Log into your application to view all the materials that have or have not been received.

Applicants with incomplete applications will be considered voluntary
withdrawals and will be removed from the competition.


December - March

Applicants are notified of their application status by March 1.


Applicant proceeds to the final part of the competition and is invited to a selection meeting.

OR Applicant is eliminated from competition for caddie record, academic, financial reasons or a combination of all or some.


Selection meetings are held. Finalists are interviewed by committees comprised of ESF officials, Evans Alumni and other program supporters. Applicants are notified by mail of the committee’s decision within one week

OR Applicant is not awarded a scholarship.


Applicant is awarded an Evans Scholarship. The scholarship is only applicable to the university indicated. An agreement form is sent to newly awarded Scholars and must be completed and returned.


OR Applicant is not awarded a scholarship.




August - September

New Evans Scholars begin their college career.


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Did you know?


The average GPA of an Evans Scholar

95 percent

The graduation rate for Evans Scholars

24 percent

The percentage of women in the Evans Scholars Program