Leadership Council outlines plans for 2017



Leadership Council Board Meeting Outlines Plans for 2017

The Evans Scholars Foundation’s Leadership Council hosted its 4th Annual Board Meeting on Thursday, January 26, at Lockton in downtown Chicago, kicking off another year of work on behalf of the Evans Scholars Program.

After recognizing the Leadership Council’s 14 new members — bringing the total membership to 128 Evans Scholars Alumni and non-Alumni — outgoing President Kevin Scott (Marq. ’10) introduced new President Mary Moran (Marq. ’12). Moran has a background in advertising as a sales service executive for Viacom.

She will lead an executive board that includes Vice President of Fundraising Kyle Cash (Mich. ’13), Vice President of Membership Adam Kucharski and Vice President of Mentorship Alex Laios.

"Member engagement will be the main focus of the new executive board," Moran said. "Our predecessors have laid a solid foundation, and now it is up to us to grow and strengthen our programs and events by encouraging our members and presenting them with leadership opportunities. We're the Leadership Council — every member is a leader."

The Leadership Council is the Western Golf Association’s board of young professionals, who serve as ambassadors for the Evans Scholars Program through fundraising and Evans Scholar mentoring. The council’s annual meeting covered a wide range of topics, including its signature event — the Birdie Ball.

The 4th Annual Birdie Ball will be held at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Last year’s event raised more than $44,000 for the Evans Scholars Foundation, allowing the event to surpass $100,000 in support since its inception in 2014.

Executive board members also outlined plans to continue adding members and strengthening the council’s Mentorship Program for Evans Scholars in 2017. Nearly 200 active Scholars were paired with mentors in 2016, part of the Evans Scholars Foundation’s efforts to prepare students for life after graduation.

About the Leadership Council

The Leadership Council was formed in 2013 with a goal of bringing together a diverse, young group of emerging business and civic leaders for networking and professional development opportunities. Members, who are between the ages of 25-40 and mostly live in the Chicago area, serve as ambassadors for the Evans Scholars Foundation through fundraising and Scholar mentoring.

For more information on the Leadership Council, visit www.wgaesf.org/council.


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